About VisAdvies

VisAdvies B.V. is a private company that originated from the Research Department of the Organization for the Improvement of Inland Fisheries (OVB), a former advisory organization to the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature management and Fisheries of the Netherlands.

Main acitivities
The main activities of VisAdvies are research, development and evaluation of fish migration facilities,  study of fish behavior, monitoring and assessment of fish stocks, development of fisheries management plans and rehabilitation plans, and habitat evaluation. To do all these activities VisAdvies uses a variety of instruments like high tech (telemetry) equipment such as sonar (Scientific split beam echosounder Simrad EK 60 120 hz), 3D acoustic tags (HTI model 291), NEDAP-trail system®, Sensor FishFish Counters, PIT (Passive Integrated Transponder) systems and under water cameras (eg. in combination with Fish Counters). All techniques are connected to the wireless internet, so data is real time availible. 

Fish migration
VisAdvies develops fish migration plans for water authorities in a systematical way. The different steps in compiling a fish migration plan are the analysis of catchment area, the analysis of the fish stock present, the appoint of target species, the prioritization of migration routes for fish, the analysis of available habitat, the prioritization of migration barriers, choosing fish migration solutions (or remove barriers) and designing fish ways. From there on fish ways have to be realized and evaluated. An important issue that is often forgotten is the maintenance of fish ways. When fish ways are not maintained properly, they will not work in the long run. So it is important to take this aspect into account from the beginning. Several techniques are used to evaluate the efficiency of fish ways including fykes and mark-recapture experiments. Telemetry, e.g. the NEDAP-trail system® and fish (restitivity) Counters are used more frequently. The approach of VisAdvies to fish migration problems is integral. It is necessary to combine knowledge from different sources (hydrological and hydraulical knowledge, knowledge on the design of fish migration facilities but specially knowledge on fish migration behaviour). Only then fish ways will work properly.

We have several clients nationwide as well abroad the Netherlands. We performed several projects for private companies, governmental organizations and NGO’s in Sweden, Germany,  UK, Austria and Belgium.

Main activities and actual projects:
- Wireless Internet Module (WIM)
Testing pumping station pumps and turbines on fish friendliness with a self-developed, standardized method.
- Migration projects with acoustic transponders in salmon species, eels, lamprey, bream, pike perch and catfish.
- Implementation of Fish Counters in fish ladders, small secondary channels, fish guidance systems and rivers. 
- Behavior projects with 2D and 3D- acoustic transponders and receivers for example near hydropower stations.
- Sensor Fish and sound measurements near hydropower stations and pumping station pumps.
- Passive Integrated Tag systems in small rivers with chub, gudgeon, eel, lamprey, pike, perch, pikeperch, bream, carp, roach, ide, rudd, e.d.
- Monitoring, evaluation and advising on the efficiency of fish ladders and fish guidance facilities in the Rhine, Meuse and several other rivers, channels, streams e.d.

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